Rowing on Lake Las Vegas!


Saturday Morning Experienced Team headed east.


Saturday Morning Experienced Team headed back west past the Westin.

After 6 months of preparation, the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club is happy to announce that rowing classes and teams have started. Juniors (age 13 to 18) may come any Tuesday at 4:00 pm to join the Junior Team and try it our for a few weeks. Adults may come any Monday at 5:45 pm to try out the Adult Novice Team on Lake Las Vegas. Once a month we will host a FREE “Learn to Row” on a Saturday morning and anyone can come to the Lake to learn the basics with one hour long FREE class. Please wear athletic gear and no baggy shorts.

Really nice article in the Henderson View


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Jim Andersen

Executive Director of the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club and Head Coach of Nevada State College Rowing Club.

13 thoughts on “Rowing on Lake Las Vegas!”

  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    My wife and I recently started rowing in 2014. We currently row singles and a double out of Willow Beach. Will there be an opportunity for rowers to join the club, store private boats and row on LLV? (We are masters E & F)

    1. HI Lawrence. We are starting with all big boats (8+’s and 4+’s) so that we are safe and all boats require coxswains. Once I feel comfortable, and I feel like smaller boats would be useful, then I would love to have fleets of small boats.
      Sign up for a LTR, learn a little sweep rowing and meet the other members. See you down there.

  2. Hi Jim:

    I saw your article in the RJ and am delighted to have rowing start up in LV. I wouldn’t mind getting out in sweeps now and then but I am writing to offer my services. I rowed both lightweight and heavyweight at Yale. If I can be forgiven a moment’s’ bragging I was most valuable freshman lightweight, rowed 7 as a sophomore on the 1970 lightweight team that lost to Leander in the semi-finals at Henley, switched to stroke as a junior and after we repeatedly beat our heavyweight team by 100 meters in 500 meter pieces ended up stroking the Yale heavyweights in the Yale-Harvard 4 mile race that July. Don’t ask about the result; my 7 man broke his oarlock and jumped overboard.

    I coached rowing at a Maine summer camp before my senior year — all singles, which I understand you don’t have for now. But I would be happy to help out if you have a need.

    Parents might be interested that I interview local kids when they apply to Yale and was on my school board in a suburb of Seattle before moving here. My son rowed for the Washington Huskies.

    If you have any interest, reply or give me a call at 702-683-5510.

    John DeVleming

  3. You just made my day. I rowed bow seat for Marietta College when the women’s v8 won gold at Dad Vails in 2004. After I graduated I was an assistant coach with a high school in Pittsburgh. Moved out here in 2010 for work and have been missing rowing ever since. I can row port, starboard, both sweep and scull, and I’ve even done a bit of coxing. Currently recovering from a ruptured achilles tendon or I’d sign up immediately. Any plans for a master’s program in the future?

  4. HI!
    I’m excited to learn! I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time.
    What should I wear/bring?
    Where do I meet up with the group before the lesson?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Dan, I will work on that, but our basic schedule is the following:

      Juniors 4-5:45 pm
      Adult Novice 5:45-7 pm

      Juniors 4-5:45 pm
      Adult Experienced 5:45-7 pm

      Juniors 4-5:45 pm
      Adult Novice 5:45-7 pm

      Juniors 4-5:45 pm
      Adult Experienced 5:45-7 pm

      Juniors 4-5:45 pm

      Juniors and Adult Novices 8-9:30 am
      Adult Experienced 9:30-11 am

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