Junior Programs

Welcome to Rowing!

The Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club is proud to establish a Competitive Junior Rowing team at Lake Las Vegas.  For now, we are going to focus on athletes, who are 13 and older and in Grades 8-12. We know that this is a new sport for the Southern Nevada and that none of you have ever rowed a racing shell – However if you have the interest, we have the proven experience and enthusiasm to teach you.

Why Rowing?

Rowing is one of the fastest growing sports in America and Las Vegas is the only metropolitan area in the United States top 25 population centers without junior rowing.

Rowing has long been known as “The Ultimate Team Sport” as everyone must move together to move the boat properly and no “superstar” can make the boat move by himself or herself (or alone). The commitment to teamwork becomes more important than any individual. As a result, rowing develops incredibly hard working athletes with discipline and integrity.

Rowing also has been known to turn children into disciplined adults. The sport does not always get the best athletes walking in the boathouse door, so the coaches must make athletes out of ordinary students. The motion of rowing is known as the complete body workout. There are very few injuries and no concussions; and, as a “pure” sport, there is no offense or defense. You must be fast on the race course, or tip your cap to the victors and go back to work to be faster.

With the passing of Title XI in 1972 and the eventual enforcement in 1995, girls who excel at rowing have the opportunity to get a full or partial scholarship in 145 NCAA College and University  Rowing Programs. Women’s Rowing is the #1 sport for women’s scholarships with each school having up to 20 full scholarships available. Boys who excel, will be courted by the Ivy League, PAC-12 and other rowing colleges and universities, and they have a much better chance of getting accepted into top schools, only a handful of men’s programs award scholarships.

The First Step!

Free Rowing Try-outs

This fall we will be offering a free two week tryout. Just come to the Boathouse any day Monday thru Friday at 4:00 pm starting August 14th. We encourage athletes to come to practice at least 3 times a week, but we will be there 6 days a week. After the 2 weeks the cost is $ 120 per month, not including travel.

Lake Las Vegas Junior Crew is not a part of any one high school. The club recruits athletes from all area  high schools, and the athletes row and race for Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club against teams from California, Arizona and beyond. Three times a year we will break down to our school crews and students will race for their school. Click HERE for more information.

We are looking for great young athletes to join us in our competitive pursuits.

We focus on teaching competition, leadership, sportsmanship and compassion and in turn look for those qualities to quickly emerge from our athletes.

Novice rowers are in their first year of rowing. In subsequent years, they are on the varsity team. As this is our first year, we do not have a varsity team for 2017-18.

Athletes must be at least 13 years old and entering 8th grade or higher to try out for the novice team. Each athlete can come for the first two weeks for free, then a monthly fee of $ 120 will be charged to be on the team. Being a start-up team with limited equipment, we must keep the numbers of each team at or below 30 boys and 30 girls. Therefore, we will hold try-outs until we reach 60 athletes.

What are the coaches looking for during try-outs? Body construction, size-to-strength ratio, leadership, technical ability, coach-ability, competitiveness, positive “I can do it” and “I will try it” attitude, confidence, sportsmanship, team player mentality and general athletic potential. Height is an advantage in rowing as a taller person can get more leverage on the oar. We also look for coxswains, who are important crew members and act as the “coach in the boat”. Coxswains are up to 113 lbs. for girls and 120 lbs. for boys.

Racing Seasons: There are two seasons for rowing, the Fall we will race longer distance races (5000m) timed on the clock in single file against other teams. Our Fall 2017 Season will include races in Sacramento (Oct 28th) and San Diego (Nov 16th). In the Spring 2018 Season we race Sprint races (2000m) and line up 6 boats across, first one to the line wins! We have races in Las Vegas, San Diego, Newport Beach, San Francisco and Sacramento.